Laurel VE Team

LarcVEC175I’m proud to announce that our club, TriARC, is the new sponsor of a Laurel VE Team here in San Diego county! We have four fantastic Volunteer Examiners on staff and are currently searching for a location to host NO COST ham radio exams! We’ll be posting a schedule on the club’s website shortly so please stay tuned.

We’re also excited to offer no cost exams to groups and events; please reach out if you’d like us to offer an exam session at your next gathering!


TriARCTogether with friends and family, we’ve started our own amateur radio club, named Tri-City Amateur Radio Club or TriARC for short! We’ve registered the vanity call N6TRI and have our club website up and running at

We’ve got many ambitious plans for TriARC, but the first one out of the gate is going to be setting up a VE Team under the Laurel VEC. It’s the last VEC that offers free ham radio exams nation wide. It also has a unique ‘digital first’ approach to processing new hams and upgrades. This means the turn around time for a new ham to get their callsign can be measured in hours instead of days or weeks!