TriARCTogether with friends and family, we’ve started our own amateur radio club, named Tri-City Amateur Radio Club or TriARC for short! We’ve registered the vanity call N6TRI and have our club website up and running at

We’ve got many ambitious plans for TriARC, but the first one out of the gate is going to be setting up a VE Team under the Laurel VEC. It’s the last VEC that offers free ham radio exams nation wide. It also has a unique ‘digital first’ approach to processing new hams and upgrades. This means the turn around time for a new ham to get their callsign can be measured in hours instead of days or weeks!

VE Accreditation

KK6NLW VEIt took a little over a month after submitting my open book review and application but I’ve finally received my ARRL Volunteer Examiner accreditation certificate and badge in the mail! After upgrading to Extra the next logical step in mind was to help others become amateur radio operators. Now I’m off to find a VE team to join!

Extra Ticket!

CSCEExtra, Extra! Read all about it! This morning on Saturday, January 31st 2015 at 9:30am, I passed my Amateur Extra exam missing only 2 of 50 questions. After the VE’s had finished grading my exam, I was called up and handed my CSCE and they congratulated me on passing my General exam…

I was panicking internally but the VE team quickly realized the mistake and corrected my CSCE and assured me I did in fact pass my Extra exam. Whoo!

They also included an application to join them as a Volunteer Examiner. I couldn’t think of a better way of giving back to this wonderful hobby then to help make more hams!